November 5, 2006

Fun with Recycled Mail

It's been WAY too long since I've posted to Kids Crafts blog, but it's been a busy time. I've collected alot of fun projects for the kids in your life, so stay tuned and I promise to be better about adding new ideas on a regular basis.

Using up all the junk mail in a creative way is good for both parents and kids. You can actually find a purpose for the pounds of junk mail we all get every day and at the same time, show your children there are better ways to re-use paper than just throwing it out.

Collect all your used envelopes or junk mail that you would normally tend to throw out. With your child, glue down the flaps of already opened mail and wait until it's dry. If you haven't opened the envelopes yet, then carefully open the envelopes, remove what's inside and glue the flaps back down.

Now, you have an abundance of scatch paper for making drawings, creating lists, making collages, painting, or using in construction paper projects.

You can show you child how to soak off the stamps and save them for a stamp collection.

Use your imagination and think of other ways to use your recycled mail. Even envelopes with windows in them offer themselves up as an interesting challenge to creativity.

Arm you child with pens, paints, crayons or any other kind of drawing instruments and watch them create! It's fun for your kiddos and a great way to teach the benefits of recycling and how it impacts our environment.


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