April 7, 2006

One-liner projects

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Here are some "one-liner" projects you can pull out of your hat in a moment's notice. These came home from school with my 2nd-grader. They are fun projects that will keep your kiddo's imagination active and has an educational twist without them really being aware of it!

  1. Fold a sheet of paper in half. Fold it in half again. How many times can you keep folding it?
  2. List at least five ways to use a paper clip.
  3. Write how you could make toast without electricity.
  4. Describe a special talent that you have.
  5. Write a poem about spring.
  6. List four words that have at least three vowels. (Examples are Beautiful or Surprise)
  7. Add up the digits in your telephone number. Include your area code.
  8. The word NAP read backwards is PAN. Write 2 or 3 more words like that.
  9. Add up the ages of everyone in your family.
  10. How many chairs are in your home? Write a math fact to show how many legs they have in all.
  11. With your family, brainstorm ways to make household chores easier to do.
  12. Draw a picture using only straight lines.
  13. Look at your skin with magnifying glass. Do some parts look smoother than others?
  14. Write at least four different ways you could serve potatoes.
  15. Watch the weather report on TV. Write three facts you learned.
  16. When do you think traffic is the busiest on your street? How could you find out?
  17. Draw a picture using only curved lines. Do you have a Sketch Set
  18. Plan a birthday party for your favorite book character.
  19. Fill a jar with small items. Estimate the number of items. Count to check.
  20. Make up a recipe or a delicious salad. Include your favorite fruits or vegetables.
  21. Make a list of all the things you know of that are always green.
  22. List ten nouns. Can you use all ten nouns in only two sentences?
  23. For 15 minutes, pretend you cannot speak. Instead, communicate without words.
  24. Dress up as the main character of a book you've read. Tell your family about yourself. Check out my favorite Kid's Books.
Have fun!

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