February 13, 2007

Musical Notes Collage Cards

Making musical notes cards is a way of showing your love and thoughtfulness for those special in your life.You can create a beautiful series of collaged note cards just by beginning with a piece of sheet music.

What you'll need:
- Blank note cards
- Old sheet music
- Crackle-finish varnish
- Gold and silver paint for paper
- Paintbrushes
- Handmade or textured papers
- Fresh leaves
- White craft glue
- Netting or other widely-woven fabric
- Pieces of paper doilies

What to do:
First, paint the sheet music with a coat of crackle varnish. Make sure you follow the directions for the crackle paint. Then, follow this by painting a coat of gold paint over it.

After the paper dries, tear it into small and randomly-sized pieces. Then, tear the handmade or textured papers into small pieces as well.

Next, prepare the leaves you collected by diluting a small amount of white craft glue with some water. You'll then paint the front and the back of the leaves with the glue mixture and then allow them to dry.

Here's the fun part, start arranging all the items you've collected and painted in layers on top of your blank card. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, simply paste them down in the order you created and add some gold and silver paint to the background. Beautiful!

You can use these cards for any occasion - Valentine's Day, Birthday, or any special memory you'd like to share with someone.

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