July 13, 2006

Fun with Action Words Activity

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This is a fun activity to do with young children. It serves a few really wonderful purposes: 1) good bonding time with your child, 2) it has educational value, 3) and it gets you both MOVING!

All you need is your imagination and/or a dictionary, a little music and some time in your day...

First, come up with a list of action words like:


Explain what each word means to your child - if they don't know - and show them the action associated with it. Then, put on some music and try out your words together in motion.

Call out each word to your child and the action together a few times. To make it a little more challenging, put a number in front of the action word the next time you call it out, like: "3 turns" and then perform the action together.

To take it up another level, you and your kiddo can make up dances using two or three of the words in a row, for instance, turn, run, and slide. Watch and see how much fun your little one will have (and you will too!)

For variations on the theme, you can vary the directions and levels by doing the action words backwards or sideways, lower to the ground or stretching up higher in the air.

Have fun with it!

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