July 27, 2006

Bug Snacks - No Not for You! For the Bugs!

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It's Summertime. There are bugs and more bugs and lots more bugs. They are tiny little beings that are easily squashed, overlooked, or swatted away in irritation. However, it's not a bad idea to teach your children the important role they play in our life here on Earth.

Yes, we don't like annoying, buzzy bugs, and some children are afraid of bugs. But here's an idea that will not only help to spark an interest in why bugs were created, but also may lessen the fear a child may have of the little creatures.

Talk to your child about the important role they play in keeping the Earth healthy. Help him or her understand that protecting and feeding a bug is beneficial to everyone. Bugs like to eat organic garbage. So, next time you eat an apple, instead of throwing the core away, show your child how you can place it somewhere in your garden or a corner of your yard. Have your child check the apple core everyday. Pretty soon it will be gone! Bugs eat mostly at night, so have her come out first thing in the morning to check the progress.

Not only will your child look forward to getting up, but it's fun for her to see the action of the tiny bugs as they devour the core.

It's a great lesson in Nature and why every creature definitely has a place and purpose in this world.

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