August 13, 2006

More One-liner Projects

Every so often, I like to post a quick list of projects you can do within a moment's notice. It's simple. Print these out and have them handy for that inevitable time when your little one comes to you and says, "Mom, I'm bored. What can I do?" Have fun with these. Kids really seem to enjoy them and there's an educational value attatched as well without them even knowing it!

These fun, one-liner projects came home from school with my 2nd-going-on-3rd grader...

  1. Spread peanut butter on a large round cracker. Add raisins to make a face. Yummy!

  2. Keep track of the fruits and vegetables you eat in one day. How many kinds did you eat?

  3. Imagine that you have just discovered a new planet. Draw what you might see there.

  4. Listen to music and clap out the rhythm

  5. Write as many addition facts as you can in one minute.

  6. Tape a ruler on a narrow jar. See how much rain falls in the jar.

  7. What can you pack a raw egg in so that it will not break when it's dropped? Test your idea.

  8. Weigh yourself. What is the difference between your weight and a family member's?

  9. Trace around your foot. Make a picture out of the shape.

  10. Ask someone to draw a wiggly line. Make a picture out of it.

  11. Fnish this sentence with two words that rhyme: I'ts fun to see a ... (Example: ball fall.)

  12. How many water faucets do you have inside and outside your home?

  13. Pretend that you are a book character. Write a newspaper ad for an item you have lost.

  14. Make a wanted poster for a book you'd like to read.

  15. Estimate how long you can stand on one foot. Try it.

  16. Write words from the letters that go with these numbers on your phone: 9-8-3-2.

  17. Read an article in a newspaper or magazine. Tell someone about it.

  18. Draw a map showing the route ou take to go from home to school.

  19. Put an object in a lunch bag. Your family may only ask yes-and-no questions to guess what it is.

  20. Ask someone to give you three-step directions. Follow the directions.

  21. On a paper plate, glue on magazine pictures to make a nutritious meal for your family.

  22. Plant some flower seeds in a place that needs to be made more beautiful.

  23. Put an ice cube in a plastic cup, a can, and foam cup. Which ice cube lasts the longest?

  24. Look around with a magnifying glass for 15 mintues. What interesting things did you see?

  25. Read a book outdoors.

Have Fun!

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