August 23, 2006

Bug Safari

Here's a fun thing to do when the weather's great and you want to take a nature walk... go on a bug safari! Fill your backpack with a few snacks and a couple of jars with lids.

As you walk, look for insects like ants, spiders, worms and beetles. Look under rocks and old logs. You'll be surprised at what you'll find!

Gently capture the bugs...

with tweezers, fingers, or gloves and place them in the jars you brought with you and take them back to your picnic area and observe them while you eat.

Watch out for bugs and insects that sting.
Make sure you help your child understand which bugs or insects will sting and which will not. Many times, a child will not grow to fear insects - especially stinging ones if they are taught to admire them in their individual beauty and industry. Bugs are fascinating to children.

The joy of being outside with your child is watching him or her experience the wonder of discovery. Children love to find things and watch movement and what better way to engage them in the process of observation than to go on a bug hunt. It's fun, it's educational, and your child will begin to appreciate the beauty and symmetry of nature.

It's good exercise too!


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