October 13, 2007

Pick Their Brains - A Halloween Cook-Off

Well, Halloween is just full of the most ghoulish things.

Kids love this. Try this out if you are having a few little goblins over on this spooky night...

Cook a large pot of different shaped pasta such as spirals or macaroni
drain and cool completely.

Place cooled pasta in a large plastic bowl and add a few olives.
Add some wrapped candies or treats like mini fun-sized chocolate bars.

Cover the bowl with material that you’ve cut into a decorative shape
like a pumpkin or monsters head.

You can even use a scary cloth mask that will go over the bowl or a
decorated plastic bag.

You basically need to cover the bowl with something decorative and
head shaped that has a slit in the back.

The kids should not be able to see the contents of the bowl.

Sit the kids in a circle and let them take turns digging into the bowl to
find the candies.

They won’t be able to see into the bowl and the squiggly texture of the
pasta along with the olives will feel like “brains.”

Courtesy of the Let's Celebrate Halloween book.

And for some yummy Halloween goodies to go along with all that thinking, visit this Halloween Snacks page or the Halloween Treats page for some great ideas.

Over and out until next time...

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