October 10, 2007

Pin the Big Ol' Wart on the Witch

Halloween's just around the corner...

Do you need a new game for the party you might decide to throw this year? Here's a fun one for all ages from the Let's Celebrate Halloween book:

Using black felt material (available from crafts and art supply stores)
cut out a witch’s outline. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as most kids
won’t mind, but remember to include the pointy hat and nose!

Stick the cut out up on the wall or on a large pegboard. Decorate the
witch with plastic spiders and fake web.

Then cut out large shaped warts (yuck) from a green felt material and
either stick a thumbtack onto the end of each one or some strong tape
for younger children.

Use a plan dark colored rag as a blind fold and let the children take
turns sticking the wart on the witch’s nose.

Enjoy! And for some yummy Halloween goodies, visit this Halloween Snacks page or the Halloween Treats page for some great ideas.

Until next time....

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