March 5, 2006

Color Your Name

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I love all kinds of crafts, but one of my favorite things to work on with kids are crayons, colored pencils, magic markers and paper. Here's a good example of an easy craft project and it ends up being useful too!

Kids usually like crafts with their name involved! Here is a simple and fun way to personalise their backpacks or purses. It will also help them to find it and identify it quickly and easily.

For this Kid Craft you will need the following:
- Card (white or light colored)
- Coloring pencils, pens or crayons

- Hole punch
- Key ring attachment or ribbon

  1. Make an outline
    First you will need to draw an outline of your child's name onto the card (older kids can do this themselves). Make the letters large and chunky to give them plenty of room to color it in.

    Another way to make the outline is use Microsoft Word on your computer (or if you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator - use that program). Choose from suitable Kids Fonts (some good choices are Comic Sans, Arial Black, or Cooper Black ) and type in the name in big letters. Then, if you are using Word, select the name, choose "format" and then "font". Select the "outline" box. This is a fantastic way of making your letters and has a lot of potential for children learning to form letters and numbers.

  2. Get the kids to color in the letters
    Give your crafting kids some coloring pens or crayons and let them color in their names. You can suggest to older kids to create a pattern in each letter. Although I don't always believe in always staying within the lines, it might be a good idea for the little ones to concentrate on their skill at coloring inside the letters.

  3. Cut out the name
    When the kids have finished coloring, have them cut out the name and leave a small border all around. There should also be about an inch before the first letter (this is where you need to punch a hole). You can also write address and contact details on the back of the name.

  4. Laminate
    You can either cold laminate (you can buy laminating sheets from an office supply company or stationery shop) or take the tag to be laminated in a machine. The latter option is more permanent! When the laminating is done, re-punch the hole and use a key ring or ribbon to attach the tag to the purse or backpack.
Gift Tip: Children love to be creative when they have the tools. Why not give your child a Colored Pencil Gift Set? They love all the pretty colors and will enjoy making pictures that you can proudly display.

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