March 5, 2006

Fun stuff for you and your kids!

Kids Crafts

Welcome to the first posting of The KID CRAFTS SPOT! This blog was created to give you the best and most fun crafts to do with your kids, and a place to find ideas on those days when the brain just won't come up with anything else!

Take it from me, BusyMOM - when I got tired of trying to come up with yet ANOTHER idea for a restless kiddo, I just had to find a resource that was easy for me to have ready-to-do activities for my kids.

Yes, there are a lot of craft sites out there for kids, but it seemed like I was spending more time looking for the right sites and less time actually coming up with age-appropriate activities, games, and craft projects that I thought my kiddo would like to do.

Let's face it. Life is busy whether you are a mom or not. And if children are in the picture, well, life is ALWAYS busy! So, my idea was to have a plenitful resource of lots of ideas, easy-to-do projects, games, activities, ideas for parties, and more for kids from Toddlers to Teenagers. Check back in to find the answer to that age-old question, "Mom, I'm bored... what can I do?

Kids Crafts
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