March 7, 2006

Easy Paper Airplanes

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Do you ever find yourself right in the middle of making dinner or cleaning out the garage when your precious little one comes to you and says, “I’m bored. What can I do?”

It’s happened to all of us…

And this is coming from the kid that usually has a room full of toys, loads of games, and books galore.

I know because that kid is mine! I may list off several things he could do right off the top of my head and I’d often get a big sigh or a long look with a response such as, “I’ve already done that, Mom!”

Being the busy Mom that I am, I decided one day after just such a conversation with my son, that I would sit down with him and make a paper airplane – just like my Dad did with me when I was that age. Guess what?

I couldn’t remember how to make one!
karatekid paper airplane

So, I hopped on the Internet and did a search on how to make a paper airplane. I came up with LOTS of websites, but none that had clear, step-by-step instructions. Most of the websites were hard to maneuver around in, difficult to find the information I needed, and less than motivating to stay with it. I’m busy! I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out a Web site, let alone a paper airplane!

It was so frustrating!

But now, my interest was peaked. I wanted to remember how to build a paper airplane. The next step for me was to see what I could find out at the Library.

Only to be disappointed again!

Yes, there are books out there about how to make a paper airplane. PLENTY of books. But I found that in a few of the books, the illustrations were unclear and the directions too complicated. Or the book was put together in such a disorderly manner that I closed the covers immediately. Maybe those simple, easy to follow instructions were in that book, but I didn’t have time to try to figure out where!

Okay, then I decided it was time to check out what the bookstore had to offer. Not that I was interested in spending a lot of money, but to see what else was available.

Guess what I found? Of course, more paper airplane books. And some beautiful books, written by best-selling authors who have done extensive testing and flying of their paper airplanes. But some of these books, as nice as they looked, were very expensive, PLUS, some had perforated pages where you could tear out the page, follow the fold marks and presto, you had an instant paper airplane.

But what fun is that?

All the work is done for you. Not that I want to work hard at folding paper airplanes. But I remember how completely awesome it was to watch my Dad transform a simple, plain piece of paper into a cool, paper airplane. It was pure magic! And I was ecstatic.

So, pre-made paper airplanes were out as far as I was concerned.

By this time, I had spent many hours traveling around, looking for the perfect, easy to follow instructions for making simple paper airplanes. And it wasn’t out there.

As I said earlier, my interest was peaked and discovering where to find the perfect paper airplane instructions proved to be a challenge I couldn’t refuse!

That old saying, “If you can’t find it, make it yourself!”, was never truer. My search for the perfect directions for paper airplanes led me back home.

See, I’m a graphic designer by trade, so why not use my skills and put together the perfect book about how to make paper airplanes? And that’s exactly what I did.

I designed my own book that is simple to understand, has 10 really fun and easy to make paper airplane designs in it, and is easily distributed to other friends, family and people like me!

Thus, Fun and Easy Paper Airplanes (That Really do Fly!) was born!

Check out this great ebook and if you are in a big hurry, just click to download free paper airplane instructions.

Happy Flying!

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