March 31, 2007

Chase 'n Race Paper Airplane Game

If you love paper airplanes like I do, you'll love this fun paper airplane game. It's easy to do and everyone has a great time.

Chase ’N Race Game

Have a quantity of good paper airplane paper available. You can use plain ol' copy paper or very thin construction paper. You can also make it more of a project by having crayons and markers on hand to color the paper first before you fold your paper airplane. Kids love this!

Give a hand to each child in folding the paper airplane. A good idea is to practice the folds a head of time so you are completely familiar and comfortable making the paper airplanes.

A good place to go for easy to make and free downloadable paper airplane directions is the Easy Paper Airplanes website.

Once all the paper airplanes have been folded, take the kids outside and play the Chase 'n Race game. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Make a starting and a finish line on a grassy area if possible. To make it super fun, have the space between the start and finish around the length of a soccer field, but if you don’t have that much space, just make it as long as possible.

  2. Get all your pilots lined up at the start line with planes in hand.

  3. The beginning of the race is started by someone (who isn't racing) yelling, “Wheels up!” (or “Go!”), Then, each pilot throws his/her paper airplane as far and as straight as he can toward the finish line.

  4. Each pilot then runs after their own plane, picking it up, and then throwing it toward the finish line.
Two Rules Only!

  1. No running with the plane in hand. If a pilot runs while the plane is still in his hand, he has to go back to the start line and start over.

  2. The first person that throws their paper airplane over the finish line and crosses it himself is the winner!
Tip: One of the best planes to make for this game is the ProFlier paper airplane. It’s a good, straight-flying plane.

A good prize for the winner is a Super Dooper fast stunt plane called the Karate Kid. You can learn how to make both of these fantastic paper airplanes by signing up for my free e-newsletter here or filling out the form below. Make it ahead of time with cool colored paper of your choice and write Chase ’N Race First Place on it. Make some and practice with it.

Read the fantastic flying tips on this Web site on how to make the Karate Kid do unbelievable stunts with just a flick of the wrist. Then show your first-place pilot how to fly it and turn it into a mini event that will be sure to make him or her feel special.

For more paper airplane games go to the Paper Airplane Games page.

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